Covered Wagon and Stagecoach Rides

Covered wagon rides are available for the whole family, friends or groups. You can cozy up with approximately 14 people in a wagon. A three hour trip with a stop by the river for a cookout over an open fire is always a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. Our grill is ready and waiting for your steaks, chicken, brats, burgers or hotdogs. Large groups can have their grub catered. Whatever the meal, your taste buds will be begging for more. We can arrange entertainment with a guitar or accordion player adding to the atmosphere.

If you fancy a stagecoach ride, ours is an exact replica of the coaches used in the old west, seating six inside and six more on top. Passengers experience the gentle rocking as the horses take the coach up and down the hills and through the wooded trails. Stop and see the majestic elk on a neighboring farm. Our stagecoach and wagons are pulled by a team of Belgians or Percherons.

Combine covered wagon rides with the trot of a saddle horse. The cowboys and cowgirls can ride a saddle horse while the older generation and little ones can ride in the wagon.

An all day trip with a stop at beautiful Long Slide Falls for a picnic lunch is most enjoyable. For those hardy souls an overnight or several day trip can be arranged. Pick a spot near the water to stop for the night. Enjoy the warmth of the evening campfire; sleep in a tent, the wagons or roll out your bedroll under the stars. Awake in the morning to the chirp of the birds, nicker of the horses and the smell of pancakes sizzling on our grill. Enjoy our homemade maple syrup, made right on the farm. After the grooming and feeding of the horses, we will prepare for the return trip home. A stop for a swim at Morgan Park is a refreshing way to cool down on a hot summer day.



A buckboard is available for small groups of four just wanting to enjoy the countryside. The buckboard is pulled by a team of Quarter or Norwegian Fjord Horses that will cover the trail a little more quickly than the bigger covered wagons.